Today is my first day back to reality after Josh and I went on an adventure this summer, traveling to Iceland, Paris, Italy and Germany. We went with my family and my Mom picked Paris as one of our stops. She had been about 10 years ago and she has not stopped talking about it since. For some strange reason I thought I wouldn’t like Paris.  I thought it was going to be very touristy and I thought the pretty picturesque spots you see on Pinterest would be hard to find. I was blown away by how lovely and beautiful Paris was, every inch of it. As you can tell by most of my photos I was looking up the whole time. The architecture was stunning.  Every apartment was dripping with flowers. It felt like a movie set. The first night Josh and I got into Paris a day before everyone else so we explored République – we loved this area. It’s very trendy and it kinda felt like the Wicker Park of Paris. The next day we moved to the Saint-Germain neighborhood and stayed at the Hotel Madison. This area was much more touristy and high-end. But had a great mix of cute shops and affordable cafes. I could have spent a lot more time getting to know Paris. There is so much to do and see and we pretty much just stayed in our little nook of the city.  I loved that all the cafes have chairs that face out to the street. I wish Chicago would adapt that. We would sit and eat dessert and watch people pass by until 3 in the morning. And French people were so nice! I have no idea why they have a bad rap.
We were in Paris for Bastille Day, we spent the evening watching fireworks off the Eiffel tower on the Seine River. We also spent one day at Euro Disney. It was so fun to see a new Park (Only two more to see, Shanghai and Hong Kong!) – We visited the Moulin Rouge and shopped around the city.

A few of our Parisian favs:

⟩ Eat lunch at L’Atlas
⟩ Stop at every crepe stand you can find
⟩ Try the quiche at Cafe de Flore
⟩ Stay at the Hotel Madison
⟩ Shop in the Saint Paul neighborhood in the Marais
⟩ Go on a bike tour or a boat tour down the Seine

Here is a glimpse into our trip!

This is the best backpack for traveling. I highly recommend it.



A must stop for unique antiques: l’objet qui parleEurope-Travel-Guide-Paris-Amalfi_0017



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