Explore Iceland, Day One

Josh and I are on our first day of our big Euro trip! We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. This is Josh’s only summer off medical school so we wanted to live it up. We are meeting my family in Paris but we decided to celebrate our 5th year anniversary by leaving a few days early for the trip so that we could do an Iceland stopover. We have only been here a day and we are in love. I am not sure how this place is real. It seems like I am on another planet.

We landed at 6am and leave tomorrow night at 1am, so we are trying to cram as many adventures as possible into the short time we have here. I thought I would give you my recommendations, especially since in 2016 Chicago will have direct flights to Iceland!

One of my Bucket List items for the last few years has been to visit the Blue Lagoon. And today, it did not disappoint. This place is incredible. The water is the perfect temperature – it’s  like the largest jacuzzi you have ever been in complete with a swim up bar, silica mud face masks, 3 different saunas, and amazing views. (Tip: If you go, I would suggest just getting the standard package. We got the comfort because we wanted the towel, but just bring your own from the hotel.)


Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0013Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0014Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0015Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0016Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0017Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0018Josh and I chose to stay in the town of Grindavik, which is close-ish to the Blue Lagoon and the airport, but pretty remote. We wanted to do some exploring of southern waterfalls so it made more sense to stay in Grindavik, rather than Reykjavik, which is a little further away. We are staying at the Geo Hotel, it is simple and quaint, but cute. I would recommend it, especially if you are doing Blue Lagoon because of it’s proximity.


After the Blue Lagoon, we headed to Reykjavik. Unfortunately,  it was raining so we didn’t walk around the town as much as we were hoping to do. But we did stumble upon an amazing restaurant called KEX. It’s a hostel, bar and restaurant and the food was amazing, and the decor was everything I would want in a hip icelandic restaurant. (Tip: It’s not customary to tip in Iceland like it is in the US. You can, but it’s not expected.)

And a random stop on the drive back to our hotel.


Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0021Iceland-One-Two-Travel-Guide-Blog_0022That’s all for now. 12am and there is a beautiful sunset out my window. I could get used to this.

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