Happy One Year, Maven Collection!

One year ago, one of my best friends, Laura took a huge risk and started her own business. Laura was so nervous to quit her job and start this new adventure, but I knew she had exactly what it takes! A year has gone by and Maven Collection has already been featured in: The New York Times, Design Love FestChairish, Darling MagazineDomaine Home,  The Effortless Chic, and Veneer Designs to name a few! I am amazed by Laura’s work ethic and her passion for what she does. She works around the clock on Maven, while picking up part time jobs to pay the bills while she invests money back in her growing business. Throughout this year, she has made countless trips up and down three flights of stairs with her arms full of shipping boxes, Moroccan pillows and rugs. She turned her living room into an office, and spent almost every weekend tirelessly attending events to show off her finds from around the world. I couldn’t be more proud of this girl.

This year, Laura and I got the opportunity to travel to Guatemala together to met with artisans and shop for new products. I saw first hand how good Laura is at what she does. She can immediately see the potential in a piece or spot two completely different patterns that would work perfectly together. She has such a great eye and that’s what makes Maven so successful.

Cheers to one year of doing what you love, and to many many more adventures and successes!
Here are a few photos I have taken for Maven throughout the year.

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