How We Got Here

Yesterday we announced that in 13 days we will meeting our twin girls! This still has not sunk in. As our minds are spinning, we are hurrying to apply for grants, figuring out some messy insurance details, finishing up registries, finding flights, I wanted to take a step back and share what brought us here.


As many of you know, we are working with Christian Adoption Consultants, they work with many agencies all over US and we had officially applied to multiple agencies with them in Florida. But I was following a few other agencies they work with on Facebook.

Since the beginning, Josh has been joking (but in a total serious way) that he wants twins. To be honest, I thought he was nuts. I kept telling him that I was on a “one child, every 10 years” plan. I grew up in a family that is very spread out, and I liked it that way! One of our first meetings with our social worker, back in October, Josh mentioned that he wanted twins and asked how common it is. She replied, “Twins are very rare, I have been doing this for 15 years and have only placed about 2 sets of twins.” This gave me a lot of confidence to check that little box that approved us for multiple children. 

As we looked at strollers, Josh would remind me again, that we need one that holds TWO children. And again, I told him, no we do not. (See where this story is going?).

So on March 30, on the agencies that our consultant works with, put up a status that they were having a hard time finding a match for a mom carrying twins. I tagged Josh in the comments with a smiley face, more as a joke, because the post said they were only looking for people in the Utah area. (See where this is going?)

Josh said we should send them an email and just get more information.

They emailed that they are flexible on us living out of town and that they were going to show profile books to this expectant mom that Friday.

That night we did not sleep. I spent the entire evening crying, praying, and googling “How to Take Care of Twins” and wondering if we should present our book (it was much more expensive than we were hoping for, and it was TWINS……and they were due in two weeks.) At about 1 in the morning I got a text from a friend that has TWO sets of twins. I hadn’t told anyone about this situation except for her and her husband. Her text told me that she was trying her hardest not to be biased but that twins are simply the best. She said it God was presenting this special opportunity to us, that we should listen. She reminded of the verse that says that sometimes we have to toss the coin and let the Lord choose how it lands.

Josh and I woke up the next morning knowing that if we didn’t present our profile book, we would always wonder, if we do present and get a no, we will know it’s not right, but that SO many doors would need to open for it to be a YES that it would only be God opening those doors.

So, we sent our book to Utah.


And then we waited.

and waited.

and waited.

We thought we would hear something that Monday, but Monday passed, Tuesday passed, Wednesday passed, Thursday passed.

And it felt like the longest week of our life. Every day felt like more time that we were not able to prepare to bring these girls home if it was a yes. Every day we woke up wondering if today was the day that there would be some news. We waited by the phone. We cried we prayed. We freaked out. And we were so thankful to have a small community around us that was keeping us sane.

Then on Friday we got a call.

“L” (the expectant mom) wanted to talk to us. The agency told us they would set up a conference call at 4, so that “L” and Josh and I could talk.

And then we talked for almost two hours. We clicked right away. She had a LIST of questions. You could tell she had given so much care and thought to each one. She told us she has felt our prayers because God has cared for her emotions during this pregnancy and that she knows her job is to find the best parents she could for these baby girls. We laughed, and shared, and talked about faith. As the conversation went on, I know Josh and I were feeling more and more like this is it. Little ways that God was revealing that this was our story. “L”‘s due date is May 8th, which is exactly 9 months from when Josh and I decided to adopt. I have this thing for the number 37. It began popping up in my life, maybe 10 years ago and it would show up in big moments of life or just mundane moments. My family didn’t believe me at first, but they have witness the craziest, countless times that this number has appeared. Josh and I filled out some registries early in our adoption, and many of them are not adoption friendly, you have to put in a due date. So we would always put March 7 (37) as our due date. We always thought something significant would happen on March 7. We were excited when March 7 arrived, we thought for sure we would get a situation that day and it would be a little sign that this was IT! But March 7th came and went with silence. At the end of the day, we were both a little sad that nothing happened on our 37 day. But back to talking about our phone call with “L”. One of the questions (of many!) was what our favorite holidays are. Josh told her how much I love my birthday, and I explained that I love my birthday because I am always surrounded by family. She asked when my birthday was (see where this is going?) and I said June 30, and I asked her when hers was… and she said March 7th. Josh and my mouth fell open. I think there was a silent shock on the phone. There was a 37 in our profile book, so we had “L” open the book and we told her the whole story. This may seem insignificant, but to us, it was big. It made us feel like we are right where we should be.

After about an hour and a half into the the conversation “L” said a few words that would change our life “I am confident that I want you guys to be the parents”.

And then the phone call cut off.

Not kidding. Without us even responding. The agency’s cell phone died. We sat in our living room in a panic, thinking we were not going to hear back, that we weren’t going to be able to call families that night and that we would have to go through the weekend, kinda knowing but that nothing was for sure. Thankfully, after the longest 40 minutes, the agency called back and we were able to wrap up our talk.

“L” told us again how thankful she is that God brought us together and we told her how much we love her and that we are also confident in accepting! It was officially a match! Josh and I cried and hugged and told her we couldn’t wait to see her in just two weeks.

I thought back to a moment I had about 3 months ago. I was think praying. Asking God to give us the craziest biggest story possible and then changing my mind and telling him, “just kidding, I didn’t mean that, a boring, average, story will do.” I have only heard God’s voice audibly the twice in my life and this was the second time. He said, “Hannah I have the BEST surprise for you.” It was so intense that I started to cry and I wrote down the words so that I wouldn’t forget. Looking back now, I know why the would surprise was used. I know Josh saw this coming, but this was such a shock and surprise to me.

I love looking back on the little things that make this our this story. Our thank you cards that I had my friend Jenny of ThreeLetterBirds make said the words “They won’t have our eyes, but they will have our hearts.” All plural.


My brother texted me out of the blue on the day that I saw the post on Facebook about this special expectant mom and it said, “I’m sure it’s easy to get anxious and impatient – but there’s a mom our there who desperately needs you. And you’re ready for her when she seeks help.”


We are so excited to meet this special woman that we have been praying for, every day. As we are busy preparing we are trying to not let fear seep in. We have so much to fundraise in the next 13 days to bring these babies home. But we know that God has opened so many doors, and been so faithful through this process. We are going to move forward in faith. We have some BIG mountains that need to move. We still have a lot of money to raise, and we wish it wasn’t so expensive. We are doing EVERYTHING we can to try to bring down the costs. What is making it so expensive is medicaid is not covering her c-section. Josh is working tirelessly to try to figure something out. And we are applying to every grant and loan we can find.

There is still a risk, over 35% of matches end in “failed placements”, which means the mom decides to parent. Please be praying for these sweet girls, for their health and safety, and for the beautiful woman that is carrying them, that she may experience an intense peace.

We are so thankful for the community that is surrounded us. So many people shared our announcement video yesterday, we raised over 2K in one day, and we already have a beautiful place to stay, for free, the entire time we are in Utah. We are counting every blessing, and we are so so grateful.



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