hands off the breaks

I thought I would share a little music monday for my post today. As you probably know already, we are a little obsessed with the band, Johnnyswim. Their song “Live While We’re Young” has constantly been playing through our house through this adoption process. It’s kinda become our anthem.

This song is our pump up song. Our don’t think about all the ‘what if’s’ – don’t let fear sink in. Just embrace this experience fully. Hands off the breaks. Going full speed ahead with confidence that we are right where we should be, when we should be. So listen, then go to something awesome, like buy tickets to Johnnyswim Holiday concert at Thalia Hall with us.

What we have been reading and watching: I love all the articles and video that people have been sending us. One of my favorites this week was this article that Kristen Howerton from Rage Against the Mini Van posted last week. She articulated so well many of the reasons Josh and I decided to adopt first.  A adoptive mama also sent me this video, titled, “If you wouldn’t say it about a boob job, don’t say it to adoptive parents“. If you need a quick tutorial about what not to say, this is for you.

This past weekend, Josh and I watched the Netflix Documentary ‘Closure‘. I definitely recommend it.  It’s about an adoptee, named Angela, who in her twenties decides that she is going to search for her birth family. There were a few times I looked over and Josh crying his eyes out. And I totally understand why. This movie shows all the emotions that are tied up in adoption stories – beauty and brokenness, joy and sadness, life and loss. The documentary is all filmed by Angela’s husband as he stands by her through her search to learn more about where she came from.

Adoption Update: As of last Tuesday, we were officially done with our meetings for our Home Study! We loved our social worker, we felt like we was on our team and she definitely helped this process go smoothly. Now, we wait for about a month for her to finish our Home Study report (20 pages recapping all our meetings and who we are) and when that is done we will be able to apply to different agencies around the US through our consultant. After that, we will be a “waiting family”… which means we could start presenting our profile book to expectant moms as early as Christmas! 

line-seperatorAdoption Auction: I am about to start contacting friends, family, and shop owners about our online auction fundraiser that we are going to host in December. If you or someone you know would be interested in donating a product to our adoption fundraiser, shoot me a email by using the contact button up top. It can be anything, home decor, jewelry, prints, stationary, gloves… Send it my way!

We are so thankful for everyone that has been such a great support – we have been blown away by the words of encouragement, prayers and donations to help us adopt.  Thank you all for walking this with us. xo!




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