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I am so excited to share Adam and Rachel’s adoption story. Hopefully, this will be the first of many on this blog. I have a huge heart for adoption, and families who have adopted.  Rachel and I work together at a global orphan care organization. I was with Adam and Rachel when they received their first photo of their sweet son, Kellen. And recently, I was in Colorado Springs and took photos of their beautiful family for Adam’s new solo piano album “Road to Ambo“. The album is now available (that I had so much fun designing!) and I can’t wait to see how Adam’s music helps those that are hurting.



What lead you to to the decision to adopt?  
We always knew that we wanted adoption to be part of our life as a family. We discussed it early on when we were dating. I (Rachel) have relatives who are adopted and grew up with a huge desire and interest. It was just a very easy decision for us.

Why Ethiopia?
We explored all adoption options and tried to learn about each of them. Domestic-infant, Foster-to-adopt, and international. Each country has their own requirements we had to meet (size of family, age of siblings already in the home, income requirements, etc) There are over 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Disease and poverty are rampant. We have friends who have adopted from Ethiopia and in the end we met all their requirements and knew we’d have a large support base with other Ethiopia Adoptive Families.

What was your greatest fear going in to adoption?
Adoption is a mountainous journey, with paperwork, social worker visits, waiting, and expenses. Yes, it’s very expensive but God was faithful. Sometimes it felt like chasing an impossible dream. However, we were very aware that in order for us to adopt, a tragedy, a deep sorrow and pain had occurred in order for him to have another family. That is not lost on us. We started to make a list of spiritual journey markers where it was so clear the Lord provided and His promises are true. He is close to the broken hearted.

What was the biggest surprise through your adoption journey?
It’s quite common to be asked if it’s really possible to love a child you’ve never met, or a child you’ve only seen a photo of. When you are fighting a strong spiritual element for a child to have a family, their most basic human right, we saw a fight in us we didn’t realize was there. It was hard, but worth every moment.

What inspired Adam’s new album, Road to Ambo? Do you remember the moment that you decided to go for it? What/who helped push you to start working on this dream of yours?
Road to Ambo came out of a longtime dream to share original music, with others, that had been healing for me personally. It took a moment of real brokenness, through a series of difficult life events, to have the courage to record the album. The moment we decided to go for it was the most freeing moment in my life. Rach pushed me to do it, to take the leap of faith and to see my dream realized.

How do you hope that this album impacts others?
The goal of the album is to bring healing and inspiration to the world. The stories behind each song represent this theme. They are stories about our journey to adopt our son from Ambo, Ethiopia, the love I have for my family, and dreams of justice for those who are suffering.


Adam and Rachel – Thank you for having me a part of this beautiful journey!

If you are a family with an adoption story (especially in the Chicago area!), I would love to here from you!  This blog is created as a platform for you, a place where the grace and beauty of your story can be told.

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