I’m Hannah Eloge, creator and photographer. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona in a creative family with four amazing siblings. My mom and dad have encouraged my creativity since I was young. They always inspired me to create projects, be it a book report or an science project, which were unusual and unique.

In 2005, I left Arizona for school at North Park University in Chicago. Though my journey began in pursuit of an education degree, I learned half way through that my passion for children extended beyond a classroom. In response, I changed course and sought out to pursue a path that would allow me to have an impact on the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children around the world while using my creative talents.


Now, I live in Chicago with my incredible husband, Josh and our winsome goldendoodle, Hadley (of whom there are no shortage of photographs). I work as the Creative Director for an international development // orphan care organization called Children’s HopeChest, while simultaneously pursuing other creative outlets.

I love simple photos that show beauty in the routine of life and photos that pull out the unique stories of the people and places I encounter. If you are newly engaged, or soon to be wed, or simply in need of a photographer, please use the contact button at the top of the page for information on pricing and further details. Though I work as a photographer for the “big events” in life, I also hope to use my talents to portray other incredible moments, specifically that of the journey of adoptive families. I have a huge heart for adoption—for vulnerable and orphaned children around the world. If you are a family with an adoption story, I encourage you to contact me. This blog is created as a platform for you, a place where the grace and beauty of your story can be told.

Beyond photography, I hope for this to be a place for creatives to come together. I will post my own random DIY projects, experimental recipes, and adventures in current creative endeavors. I invite all to join in on creating the content of Hannah Eloge Creative. If you are bursting with creative ideas and want to collaborate, I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Hannah Eloge Creative is designed to foster a community of creatives. Please join me!