I’m Hannah! I grew up in Tucson, Arizona in a creative family with four amazing siblings. My mom and dad have encouraged my creativity since I was young. They always inspired me to create projects, be it a book report or an science project, which were unusual and unique.

In 2005, I left Arizona for school at North Park University in Chicago. Though my journey began in pursuit of an education degree, I learned half way through that my passion for children extended beyond a classroom. In response, I changed course and sought out to pursue a path that would allow me to have an impact on the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children around the world while using my creative talents.


Now, I live in Chicago with my incredible husband, Josh, our twin daughters Ezra + Olive, and our winsome goldendoodle, Hadley (of whom there are no shortage of photographs). After our adoption process, I founded  Kindred + Co., a brave adoption community that shares stories from all sides of the adoption triad.


A lot has changed since I started this blog, while I no longer focus on photography but I am still focused on the beauty that surrounds us – even in the hardest places. If you want to follow along – You can find me on instagram, my personal account is @heloge and my business is @kindredand.co

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